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how many have lost to prop me up?
behind me is a quarter century of investments that line by line define me and remind me that the 'me' you know is just a positive externality, the embodiment of an idealized society, and if life is at times a struggle for me it means that there are millions on their knees who cannot see how beautiful humanity could one day be
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 0
id - ego
here lies, in peace
a body that deceased
in 1933
to me, in my 20s,
that’s the finite boundary between
history and antiquity
though less than a century has passed by so fleetingly
flying machines and terror scenes
are common now to me;
merged with technology
at an incomprehensible speed
booms create busts
but what if we
expanded our understanding of economy?
money becomes a machine
and big business, the monopoly queen
while humans are the driver
of a holocene-shaped guillotine
the serenity needed to steer it
has become obsolete
the next great leaders dissuaded by current regimes
(not by not enough choice,
but by the land of the free
where free means:
“like me,
or those before me")
dissent falls silent
or is it just defeat?
channelled 24/7 to these screens
when anomie leads to a generation in therapy
16 years of collective anxiety peaks
beauty queens on amphetamines
it’s getting to me
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 1 0
and so I emerged on the other side of another winter, this year once again the victor
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 3 0
the human machine
can choice transcend chemistry? energy and entropy are more measurable than me
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 1 0
lines and layers / lies and lawyers
forgiveness is
taking a memory of a moment lived
and not withholding it
but exposing it
for what it truly is
(whether infinitesimal
or infinite)
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 3 0
i slipped
I slipped, sleepless, through space and time
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 1 0
in a crumbling culture of cynicism it pays not to hold on, but to let go
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 2 0
we are all artists because all art is a symbolist's perspective and language though prescriptive is just an iteration of it
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 1 0
an existential crisis,
the meaning of what life is;
my advice is, not to mask it with your vices
but to realize that what you have is priceless
and that you /are/ able to fight this
because the human mind is
an extraordinary machine
you just need to believe
(trust me)
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 0
if i had a way to hypothesize the meaning of life i could perhaps define it with the laws of science but the problem of sentience is its shifting paradigms and the answers i require aren't often in a language i can transcribe
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demons and diamonds
foresight comes with a fear of the future and often the what-could-be outweighs my confidence in me but i’ve learned that the ceiling of my expectation is the lowest latitude of possibility and if i can feel it, it will be
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me by janetpants me :iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 1
i know
imagine reality as an erratically revolving series of doorways that close only once you've passed through, the potentials of that second sealed and construed; what if, for one heartbeat, a path became visible between them and forward from you, forming a momentary synchronization of now and new - tell me, if you could see and shape the future, would you?
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 0
in a world where dominance wins it is a sin to submit but to commit to a lifetime of spite and crime weighs heavy on the mind and i hypothesize that inside of everyone is one thin line, one seed of hope connecting all of mankind, and maybe the only way to find it is to be invoked 
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 1 0
blinded by science
at last
we are approaching the apex of greatness
this past century, a lesson in success
i think of the progress i’ve witnessed -
in a fast paced universe
only the fittest are allowed to persist
in my mind i can find the seeds of the future
could i be crueller
to a mother whose nurture
allowed me to be?
4 billion years of preparation,
prudence and emulation
to produce me
how i long to see
the earth as she used to be:
untamed and free
but as in radioactivity
the daughter overcomes the parent eventually
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 0
every day
i can hear the poetry
in the trees
the wind
passes between the leaves;
each forest an orchestra
performing just for me
over time i have learned many songs
on occasion, i can sing along
but everywhere i go, the instruments are unique
from the ocean’s edge to earth’s highest peaks
the beauty of evolution
is its convolution,
its desire for progress...
but i digress
because evolution is a process
not an entity
i always forget
:iconjanetpants:janetpants 0 0

Random Favourites

Hope by sakarik Hope :iconsakarik:sakarik 5 0
as the product of a failed marriage to a sinking ship
i don't hold much stock in men
or drug-users
or self-medicating assholes.
i don't hold much stock in liars
or selfish bastards who will do anything
to keep an imagined grip on something that was never theirs.
as a daughter who has alienated her biological father with curt words cut short by an angry pen
i don't hold much stock in an inheritance
or the hope of a renewed relationship.
(not that i'd care anyways)
i'm not a wallstreet billionare
because i never invested in risks.
i never nurtured faulty companies, hoping to fix the leaks and reprove seaworthiness.
because i've learned; never trust a ship that sinks with my life.
:iconwrolov:wrolov 1 0
they are idle thoughts
like idle people and the headlights of oncoming traffic:
they pass through my vision without attracting my eye--
the only momento to commemorate their passing are the blurry lines behind my eyelids.
:iconwrolov:wrolov 1 0
and we write our tragedies across the sky
with closed lips and open hearts,
we cry out to deaf ears.
your pointed tongue pierced my insides,
and i bled only for you
i used to beg for escape
but this is not what i asked for..
i used to plead for a way out
now i build the walls higher;
you write tragedies across your wrists,
with closed lips and eyes sewn shut,
you couldn't see the reaching arms..
you used to beg for escape..
but is this what you wanted?
you bled your way out...
and i'm left wondering
had i done something different,
could i have changed this ending?
was it my fault?
and we write our tragedies across the sky
with closed lips and open hearts,
we cry out to deaf ears..
:iconschamelon:schamelon 7 2
Blackout-We Are The Pretenders by Maybe-Im-Dreaming Blackout-We Are The Pretenders :iconmaybe-im-dreaming:Maybe-Im-Dreaming 25 20 gun by tono-gilabert gun :icontono-gilabert:tono-gilabert 2 0 Nervosa by YLimes Nervosa :iconylimes:YLimes 3 2 M189 :: Padlocked by mr-MINTJAM M189 :: Padlocked :iconmr-mintjam:mr-MINTJAM 24 4
The Emotional Drug
I lay my feelings on the back burner.
I was told they were worthless
maggots feeding and feeding
on despicable emotions
until nothing was left.
Told that they don't mean anything.
Be silent, they told me.
Shh, don't speak.
You'll rouse the monster inside.
But I didn't listen.
I snatched the drug,
I tipped back my head,
and I swallowed it raw.
It burned like hell
all the way down.
Don't you see?
I'm terribly addicted now
and it's too fucking hard
to pull myself away.
I plunged in headfirst
and now I'm drowning
in my insolence.
What they told me back then,
I made it all mine.
I ripped out my vocal chords
and I sewed my throat shut.
I can move my mouth,
but no sound comes out.
But feelings find their way out.
I screamed out silently on paper,
much like this,
until someone read it
and listened.
I crave not for
heroin or wine or beer
or cigarettes or sex.
The only dirty, creeping addiction
that haunts my waking thoughts
is the one thought of
never tasting the sweet slice
of the past we had
:iconamaraude:Amaraude 5 2
I'm nothing to me now
I'm in danger of hurting myself
So much like a child
I acted
So much to defy
An empty soul
Another way to say your name
I'm nothing to me now
I'm in danger of becoming myself
:iconnewdance10:newdance10 1 0
With clumsy hands in which
Holds a clumsy body
Close to
A clumsy heart which fell slave to love.
Warm fingers touch warm skin
Shiver and tingle throughout
Words unfurl in moans and
Tightening lungs
Rise and fall,
Unpredictable at best
Incredible at worst
End begins as
Intensity and intimacy
For once,
Ensnared, Captivated,
For one polite moment,
Two became one.
:iconovertue:Overtue 1 3
You are just
another human being,
another soul I can fall in love with,
as shaded, as jaded, as colored as the rest,
another pseudo-child to hold to my breast,
another break I cannot ever fix,
but I can't help seeing,
and I must.
:iconsiberdrac:SiberDrac 1 0
Can't you feel that fucking wheelchair's rusted wheels scrape through the stuck brake? Why don't you care that your hands are bloody with rust; that everyone treats you like getting your hands caught in the spokes over and over again is alright? Am I the only one who wants to pick you up and set you on your atrophied legs so you can learn to walk again?
It makes no god damn sense how you sat in this contraption of disease and death all those years ago - how you fell into it. I should've caught you. I know. This is all because of me. (Life is stranger than or equal to fiction I suppose.) You're scared, I know.. Me too. You don't have to be alone in this. We can walk out of this together.
I see you everyday wheeling down that ramp from our apartment building and there's no fucking reason why everybody just passes you by - they could do something! anything!
And it fucking tears me up inside to ribbons. This is all my fault but you're tormenting me by sitting in that fucking chair t
:iconalacrityjones:AlacrityJones 1 5
Mature content
The Great Unity Fire :icondarkheavenk:DarkheavenK 1 1
Sunset on the Rocks by sdavis75 Sunset on the Rocks :iconsdavis75:sdavis75 7 2 Three Sails by sdavis75 Three Sails :iconsdavis75:sdavis75 3 1



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